Our Team


Justina Bird and her Husband William

Justina serves as the Community outreach coordinator and secretary for AAHF. She brings to our team over 20 years of service as a Police officer. She has a background in training and education as well as recreational riding since she could walk. 

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Ryan and Dez Patterson

Ryan is the AAHF President. Ryan is a Army Veteran and works in the Medical field. Ryan is also involved with the "Warrior Ride" and has been working with Veterans for over 20 years. Ryan has been riding his whole life. Ryan also owns a couple small businesses and is very well respected in the snowmobile community.

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Tommy and Nicole LaClare
-Veteran/Fire Fighter-

Tommy is the AAHF Vice President. Tommy is a Navy Veteran, Fire Fighter and has been an active member of the Grass Drag and Snowmobile clubs literally his whole life. Tommy and Nicole are small business owners and together they bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to our Foundation.

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Aaron and Patty McCarthy

Aaron is the AAHF Executive Director and Founder. Aaron served 22yrs in the Military. Serving in both the Marine Corps and Army and is now retired. His has founded another successful nonprofit helping Veterans with PTSD, TBI and Mobility issues. Since working through his injuries, he is now helping heal his fellow Patriots by paying it forward through the Foundation Aaron has been riding since he was little. 

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Bryan and Jazmin


Bryan is the AAHF Veteran Liason as well as Marketing. Bryan is an Airforce Veteran, former LEO and has been an active member of the snowmobile community for over ten years. Bryan and Jazmin are small business owners and together they bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to our Foundation and are well respected in there community.

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Amy Jenkins
-Ambassador/Ret. Fire Fighter-

Amy is an ambassador for AAHF.  She is a retired Firefighter with a Fire Science Technology degree from Nevada.  Amy is an active member of the Jackson Hole Snowdevils and actively advocates for the sport in the state of Wyoming.  Amy also brings awareness for First  Responders and helping with their mental health well being and now combining with the sport she is so passionate about.

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Joshua and Mindy

Josh is the AAHF Marketing and Social Media Coordinator. Josh is a Marine Corps Veteran, and is new to riding.  Josh and Mindy are small business owners and together they are working to bring awareness to the snowmobile community and ensure Veterans and First Responders have a place in the snowmobiling industry.

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Eric and Taunya Budge

Eric is one of the AAHF Founding Members. Eric builds Custom Homes in Utah and has been riding the backcountry and supporting Veterans and First Responders for over two decades. Eric and Taunya are an intriqual part of the foundation and bring many layers of riding experience, knowledge and most of all the support to our team as we grow. Our foundation was born from an idea and without a team of Patriots like the Budge Family we would not be able to help so many. 

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Spencer and Melanie Mistelske

Spencer is one of the AAHF. Spencer and Aaron have known each other for 43 yrs and have been riding together for almost as long. Spencer is an avid backcountry rider and has been active in the snowmobile community for decades. Spencer and Melanie are business owners and together they bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to our Foundation as well as support for all our Heroes in need. 

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